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How to remove your iCloud account if your iPhone is damaged?

Posted on 26th Jun 2021 19:39:29 in General, Apple

Not a lot of people know but it's actually very simple!

Go to and login to your Apple account using your iCloud email and iCloud password. Once you're signed into your account, simply click on devices and then delete.

Now you have signed out of your iCloud account. Basically, Apple's server no longer associated your ID to that specific iPhone/iPad/iWatch. 

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How to check if an iPhone is locked before buying it?

Posted on 26th Jun 2021 19:45:59 in Samsung, iCloud, General, Apple

We've seen it a lot. You go to Facebook Marketplace and you try and find a cheap iPhone. When you finally meet someone, they tell you the iPhone just ran out of charge but it's fully functional. What do you do? Do you buy it and hope that the person is telling the truth? Is there any other way for you to check before buying it? The answer is yes!

You can use our free database checker to find out if

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