Frequently asked questions

Yes, we're adding new products everyday to our site. If you have a device not mentioned on our site and you want a quote for it, please email us directly at: or give us a ring at 0333-772-9109 for a quick quote over the phone.

No. Generally these are considered CDMA phones and mainly used in the USA (Sprint & Verizon networks) not worldwide like GSM mobilles.

We do everything by the book.

We usually inspect your device and make payment within hours of receipt. But we like to give ourselves extra time in case we're slammed with buybacks.

If you're local and bring your device to our partner shop, you'll get paid on the spot within a few minutes of inspection. If you send it in, we promise to make the payment within 24 hours but in most cases, the day we receive the device, is the day you'll get paid.

Please follow these instructions to send us your devices.

Remove iCloud or your Samsung/Google account.

Pack your device in bubble wrap.

Use our Tracked 48 Royal Mail label.

Drop off at the post office.

Simple as that.

Buyback will supply you a prepaid label Royal Mail Tracked 48 label with a compensation of £100. No payment is required from you to use this label.

If your device is worth more than £100 and you'd like to have extra coverage then we recommend that you use Royal Mail Special Delivery as this service has coverage up to £500 and is tracked.
You'll receive these labels from us via email or through mail if you request a Sales Pack from us.

Please select your model and complete the sales order, you will then have option for a sales pack to be sent out to you.

We buy devices that are not snapped in half, stolen, or iCloud locked.

Please send your device(s) within 14 days of your online order.
Orders over 14 days will Expire.

Expired order will need to be resubmitted
Simply login to My Account and Add New Order.
and there is no need to re-input your details.

For products valued over £100 we recommend our customers to use Royal Mail special delivery, (Postage label supplied in our sales pack) allowing you to track and trace your items.  is not liable for items that may be lost or damaged by Royal Mail.

We are automated!
Our system will send you an email notification when your device(s) have arrived.
When using the Royal Mail service, it should take approximately 1-3 working days to be delivered to   With remote regional areas parcels can typically take up to 7+ days to arrive.

Please complete the online Bulk Order request Click here

Yes you are able to accept devices as long as:
1. devices are not Network Locked.
2. Device is on our product list.
3. You the customer have to pay for the Postage.

Your payment is processed within 24-48hrs from the date we test and confirm your devices.
You will be notified by email, at each stage of the process from start to end.
You will be receiving 3 emails from start to finish.
 Alternatively you are also able to get updates and payment status anytime by logging into your account online.

If you have not received your payment within 5 days,
please contact our Customer Support Team by email or phone.

Please click on the "My Account" at the top of our Home page.
You will be prompted to enter your email address and Password.

Please click on the "My Account" at the top of our Home page.
and simply go to Edit your Details TAB
click here

If you forget your password, please click onto My Account at the top of our home page.
Enter the e-mail address associated with your account, then click Submit.  We'll email you, where you can easily create a new password.

Please logged in your account first then click on my account from top right menu. Then you will redirected to user dashboard. On dashboard you can view the all orders

Please check your spam or Junk folders first.
Alternatively, you can login to your account online and check the status of your order.
and we are now sending SMS alerts too!

All information collected is encrypted to ISO/IEC 27001 date security standards. 

All the information we ask for, when you place your order is essential for us to process your order and keep you upto date.
We do not sell, rent or otherwise pass on any of your details to other parties.

Most models have a printed label on the back of the handset OR under the battery pack, if the back comes off. 
Go to settings icon on your device, and scroll down to About.

You are also able to match your model, by going through the gallery pictures on our website by manufacturer.

We have dedicated staff on updating our product range.
Sorry, but if it is not on our list we cannot offer money for your device.
Most Pre-Paid devices from Supermarkets will not have a BuyBack price is required by the UK Second-Hand Dealers Act, to record serial and IMEI numbers
Inputting IMEI or Serial number is optional, and We will complete for you, once device is received.
This is to ensure we are not processing stolen devices.

Most models have the number printed on the back of the handset or if back door comes off, it can be found under the battery pack. 

For iPhone 5 to iPhone 6/6 Plus, the IMEI is written on the back of the housing. For iPhone 6S to iPhone 12, you'll see the IMEI written on the back of SIM TRAY.

You can also see the IMEI by dialing the phone code if you have access to the phone

For Mobile Phones, the IMEI number found by going to the Telephone KeyPad.

1. Press * # 0 6 # on your keypad.
2. Your IMEI number will be retrieved and displayed on your screen.

Phones have Brand followed by a Series of model and then the model name or number.
Example of SAMSUNG Brand and Series are:
Samsung Galaxy J | Samsung Galaxy S | Samsung Galaxy NOTE | Samsung Galaxy A
| Samsung Galaxy Mini | etc…

Other models that have Brand and Series:
Sony XPERIA | Nokia Lumia | Motorola RAZR | LG Optimus  |  LG G series  |  Huawei Ascend  |  HTC U | HTC One | HTC Desire | BlackBerry Bold | BlackBerry Q | Google Pixel | Google Nexus  

You will always find the exact model number in [Settings],[About] or on the back of device or under the battery.

Buyback UK LTD will only honour the buyback price if you are the rightful owner.

If any product or products turn out to have been reported lost or stolen, we will not process the payment and you will not receive any compensation for the device(s).
We are required by law to hand in any product that is stolen to the legal owner or to the local authority.

Counterfeit/fake devices sent will be crushed and recycled by Trading Phone.
No payment will be made and the device will not be returned.

3 Day Phone Back Promise :

If your device fails our testing (differs from what you have stated), we will contact you by email.
You will be given the option to accept the adjusted price, or have your device(s) returned.
There is no fee for the return of your product(s).
If we haven’t heard from you after 3 days, we will continue to process the device at our tested price.
Please read our Terms and Conditions.

A: website.


  • Log into with Apple ID and password
  • Select device from “All Devices” drop down and select your device (top, centre of screen)
  • Device pop up box will appear.
  • Click “Remove from Account “
  • confirm by clicking “Remove”
B: From another Apple device with same Apple ID (iOS 10.3 or later)
  • Tap Settings > [your name], then scroll down.
  • Tap any device name to view that device's information
  • Scroll down and Tap [ Remove from Account ]

Here are the instructions to TURN OFF Google Lock from Google’s website.

  • Log into with your Google email address and password.
  • “Under Sign In & Security >” On left of screen - click on “Device Activity And Notifications”.
  • On the right of the screen click “Recent security events” and click on “REVIEW DEVICES”
  • You will now see all devices linked to your Google account.
  • Click on every single device which you want to remove (inc. the one mentioned above) and select REMOVE under account access.

Locate the imei or serial number of your device
and go to this great website

Yes. As long as you inform us before we process your device. If it's after we've processed your device, your SIM card maybe have been already destroyed due to GDPR regulations.
Please contact our customer services department for additional support.

All devices we receive are processed through proprietary data erasing software. This happens before we start to grade and test your device(s).

All materials received by Buyback UK are Data erased according to the highest non reversible standards. Any products that do not turn on are recycled and processed according to local and national laws, in an environmentally controlled manner, eliminating e-waste going to any landfills nationally or internationally.