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Sell Devices in Bulk

Do you have redundant IT you want to sell or dispose of?

    We can make an offer on all of your redundant or unwanted IT equipment. Send us a list of all the devices you have and we'll make an offer right away. 

Order details:

bulk device
Bulk Sale
How it works?

Min QTY is 10 and max is 50


Selling more than 10 devices?

Valued Partners.

We know you have many choices and we appreciate that you have chosen to do business with Buyback UK. We strive to always offer the best customer service with the highest buyback prices in the Industry.

If you are a wholesaler, an individual or business getting rid of several devices, please check out our fully automated bonus system that will allow you to get up to % bonus for your orders.

Thank you four your business!

Bonus Paid devices

Get up to % bonus on your payment by sending in more than 10 devices.